“We live in a world where we are taught from the start that we are thinking creatures that feel. The truth is, we are feeling creatures that think.” (Jill Bolte Taylor A Neuro-anatomist)

The Buzzz derives its name from an emotion – the feeling when you are in ‘the zone’; when real insight gives a sudden surge of creative adrenalin or strategic accelerant. That is what we always strive to deliver – that is why we have buzz with an extra ‘z’.

So enter our world – pick up the thread of the story, see where and how it connects and whether it meets or exceeds your expectations. How will you know? Listen to your emotions...

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Quick Intro
New Product
Brand Stories
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Hello and Welcome to the Buzzz
a consumer, customer and citizen focused insight consultancy


The concept of ‘chunking down’ problems into manageable sizes comes from NLP techniques; while the Romans knew full well the power of ‘divide and conquer’ strategy.

The Buzzz see segmentation not so much a technique as a philosophy ...learn more about Segmentation

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New Product Development

Do you have a view of your category?

How do consumers perceive it? Where are the spaces? Where has complacency established itself? Where will a refreshed approach work?

What informs your NPD pipeline? Is it based on what you can produce? Or is it based on consumer need? ...learn more about NPD

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Brand Stories

Do you know your brand? Do you know how it is viewed?

Have you ever thought about your brand as a character in a story? How would your brand react in any given scenario? How would your customers expect it to react? What emotions does your brand elicit in people?

What are the key emotions that drive your category? ...learn more about Brand Stories

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Consumer Expectations

Consumers have now reached a maturity which continues to accelerate as information about brands, services and reputations is increasingly available, referenced and of course recommended via social media. Now, more than ever before, understanding what your consumers expect is vital in designing the kind of experience which meets or surpasses those expectations, creating those all too rare moments of delight ...learn more about Consumer Expectations

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Consumer Emotions

Lots of attention is being taken up by Behavioural Economics or the difference between fast and slow thinking. Many, many consumer research techniques are grounded on the principles of rational decision making.

Yet guess what? Consumers are human beings! They act and react emotionally and often irrationally ...learn more about Consumer Emotions

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